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Throughout my entire life I have always been someone who valued quality over quantity in every possible way. Whether it is food, travel or clothing – I would rather save a little more money, wait for another month or work harder in order to obtain a certain quality product or service. I was always impressed by other unique labels that value quality and excellent service more than anything else in business. With that in mind, I was not only impressed by these businesses, I found them simply fascinating.
As a result I wanted to create a label of my own that incorporates a strong focus on creating quality goods with timeless design, sustainability and purpose. I wanted to create something unique that fascinates everyone around me!
After seven months of strategic and conceptual work, negotiations and intense preparation, today is the day that my label NAÏMA is finally launching!
In order to understand the philosophy of NAÏMA, three characteristics are essential and always find themselves within the brand.

Quality Goods. Timeless Design. Purpose.

For the design of our NAÏMA collections we value high quality combined with timeless design over conventional fast fashion products. With sustainability and social awareness as a part of the brand philosophy, a careful consciousness while creating our products is always applied. Therefore, we don’t only use sustainable materials, but are also committed to fair working conditions and fair wages of people involved.

To show my level of gratitude for having the opportunity to pursue my passion that is entrepreneurship, I thought about giving something valuable back to society. Therefore I decided to implement a “Purpose” into the NAÏMA brand philosophy by donating a fixed percentage of annual NAÏMA sales to support the Hamburg-based organization called “Viva con Agua“, a network of people and organizations committed to establish access to clean drinking water and basic sanitation for people in affected regions all over the world.

I want to thank everyone involved. I’m extremely grateful, especially for all the help from people who supported me and the development of NAÏMA throughout the last couple of months and their contributions, however small they might have been.

Establishing this label and further the brand NAÏMA has taken a lot of hard work, vision, consistency and dedication towards my passion. Though, as the headline of this story says: „Nothing Valuable Comes Fast“.

I’m thrilled to be sharing this journey with all of you, and I hope that you fully enjoy the remarkable experience that NAÏMA is!



Eric Goldberg

(Founder & CEO)


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